Couples Assisted Stretching

Discover a new way to communicate and interact with your partner. Spend quality time together exploring each other's physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological body.

See your partner in a new light!

When you discover the tight areas of your partner's body, you begin to realize how those tight muscle groups correspond to the negative aspects of their personality and the conflicts within your relationship.

You will also realize how tight muscles in your own body are holding you back from expressing how you truly feel in any given moment with your partner.

Most importantly, you will begin to realize that it is not always something inherently wrong with your partner that creates conflict, but a battle within their own body that is preventing them from being truly open and loving with you.

To top it all off, realizing the conflict within your partner's body provides you with the opportunity to heal the problem through partner assisted stretching!

Couples Assisted Stretching is your gateway to tapping into all four aspects of yourself, your partner, and your relationship: physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological.

Here are just a few examples of what you can help to eliminate from your relationship as you and your partner routinely stretch each other:

dependency, co-dependency, passive-agressive behavior, obsessive compulsive and controlling behavior, eccentric behavior, indifference, moralizing and preachy behavior, avoidance and neglect, distrust, diminished sexual drive and mood swings, self-defeating behavior, narcissism, fearful and withdrawn behavior, depersonalization, and brainwashing behavior.

Over time, you and your partner can enjoy a loyal and dependable, liberated and unrepressed, truthful, fair and completing, sympathetic and self-expressive, peaceful and communicative, unconditionally loving, passionate, trusting, sexual and captivating, straightforward and undisguised, revering, promotional and motivating, humorous, enthusiastic, and healthy healing relationship.

To stretch your partner, you must be constantly aware of how they are feeling as well as the direction, speed, duration, and range of the stretch. You will have your own ideas but you must also let your partner be the authority on their own body. It is important for both of you to come to the same conclusions about the stretch. Give your partner feedback as you discover the tight and weak areas of the body, as well as any other observations you make. This information is priceless as it allows your partner to compare their inner feelings with your outside observation.

The Principle of Genius: Your true self reflects through your genius. Being capable of connecting with the genius in others connects you to the genius in yourself. This way of being brings forth compassion, unconditional love, integrity, and acceptance to everyone.

Equip yourself, your partner, and your
relationship with the powerful tool of:

Assisted Stretching

Couples Assisted Stretching

How to Begin: Contact Luther to schedule your Couples Assisted Stretching.
Audience: You and your partner
When: At a convenient time for you and your partner.
Where: In the privacy of your own home.
How it Works: First, the three of us will go over the concept of Resistance Stretching and also learn the basic key points to keep in mind while performing partner assisted stretching.

Then, you will be instructed on how to stretch all 16 of your partner's muscle groups. You will first watch as the stretch is performed on your partner, and then you will take hold of the wheel and learn how to perform the stretch yourself.

After you stretch a muscle group for your partner, your partner will stretch the same muscle group for you. This will continue until each of you have stretched all 16 muscle groups on each other. We will also experiment with Tandem Leaning so you and your partner can stretch and strengthen the same set of muscles in each other simultaneously.

Afterwards, you and your partner will learn how to "mash" each other, which centers on using the feet to achieve deep and dramatic changes to your body. Each of you will use your feet on almost every part of the body, creating relaxation along TCM meridians to free up energy flow, help loosen up tight muscles, remove scar tissue, remove trigger points — creating significant improvements in movement and decreases in distress and stress.
Other: - Find a comfortable open area of your home where there is plenty of room for the three of us to work with each other.

- Personal mats or soft carpet will be needed.

- Wear comfortable exercise clothes.

- Empty stomach or light snack before, but don't be hungry.

- Drink plenty of water.

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