Partner Assisted Stretching

Maximal Resistance

Assisted stretching allows for what you cannot obtain through self stretching: maximal resistance. As you progress in your resistance flexibility and strength training, you will eventually need to resist maximally in order to achieve maximal results.

It takes twice as much force to resistance stretch a muscle as it does to strengthen it. So if you strengthen your bicep with 50 pounds, it takes 100 pounds to resistance stretch your bicep. This is where help from another person becomes an essential part of your training program.

Efficient Distribution of Energy

Self stretching teaches you how to resist against yourself through the use of use sub-maximal resistance. Partner assisted stretching teaches you how to resist against another person maximally, meaning that you make it as hard as possible for your assister to move you. This not only provides you with a wonderful stretch but also provides a beneficial workout for your assister. Your assister is being strengthened as (s)he stretches you and is being stretched as (s)he strengthens you. Your resistance is efficiently utilized instead of being pumped into a workout machine which stands to gain no benefit from your hard work.

External Perspective

Self stretching allows you to gain an internal perspective on your body and your self while assisted stretching provides a partner to offer the external perspective that you cannot get on your own. Practicing both self stretching and assisted stretching ensures that you cover all of your bases by gaining an internal and external profile of your body and state of being.

All Planes of Movement

Aside from the benefit of being able to resist maximally, you are also able to be resistance flexibility and strength trained in every angle, direction, and plane. Most of the self stretches are working in one or maybe two planes at a time. Being stretched by an assister allows you to work all three planes simultaneously: flex/extend, abduct/adduct, and inward/outward rotate.

You and your assister can zoom in on a particular muscle group and first determine the strength and flexibility of each of these planes and then provide the proper training required to upgrade that area of your body. Assisted Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training provides a level of sophisticated and customized movements for your body that goes beyond traditional exercise equipment and personal training.

Action Specific Training

Partner assisted stretching allows you to balance your asymmetries by first profiling your life activities and experiences to recognize your habitual movement patterns. Then you and your assister can resistance stretch the muscles that are constantly overworked and strengthen the muscles that are often ignored. This allows for sport specific training along with training for any other type of activity that requires frequent repetitive movements. The immediate result is a release of tension, pain, and stress with gains in maximum flexibility, strength, posture, health and mental fitness. The ultimate result is an overall increase in performance.

Assisted Stretching Example


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