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Luther Bryan Cowden

Luther Cowden is a certified Resistance Flexibility trainer based in Los Angeles, CA who travels internationally to offer Resistance Stretching classes, workshops, private assisted stretching, couples stretching, workplace stretching, and online training. He was originally trained by the founder, Bob Cooley, along with Tom Longo in San Jose, CA and continually advances his knowledge through the elite training program with Bob Cooley at The Genius of Flexibility Center in Boston, MA.

Luther Cowden

His past clientele includes musicians, singers, actors, performers, artists, dancers, Olympic / Professional athletes, authors, producers, directors, network executives, severely injured individuals, as well as people just looking to get in shape.

Luther worked to create the first Meridian Flexibility Center in the Southwestern United States based in Austin, TX. He later moved back to his home state of California to introduce Los Angeles to Resistance Stretching.

Luther also travels internationally and has taught Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training (RFST) around the world.

I use RFST to upgrade all aspects of myself while providing the same service for others. I love helping others be everything they wish to be whether it's a better athlete, artist, performer, or person. I enjoy working with people who desire a life free of pain, tension, and stress.

I envision living in a world where people serve as positive checks and balances for each other. A world where every time people encounter each other, they create upgrades in each other's physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological health. I want us all to help each other feel good, because if you ask me, it's all about feeling good!

I have found MFS and RFST to be one of the most powerful positive gifts that I can share with others. I want stretching to be a practice that releases people's barriers allowing us all to come together as one and be free with each other!

Luther's Story

I found out about the Meridian Flexibility System through a seemingly random conversation with a stranger in the Phoenix, Arizona airport. At the time, I was not interested in fitness, sports, or alternative medicine, nor had I ever been. The only steps I had taken to live a healthy lifestyle was by improving my diet, which I was forced into due to the ulcer I developed two years prior at 17 years of age.


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