The 16 Geniuses - 16 Genetic Personality Types

Everyone has the ability to upgrade themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically by upgrading the strength and flexibility of each of the 16 meridian muscle groups. This enables everyone to 'be' in whatever ways they wish to 'be' in.

Bob Cooley has taken this exploration even further by discovering that the 16 meridian muscle groups also correlate to 16 genetic personality types (16 geniuses).

16 Genetic Personality Types

Stay tuned for Bob's second and third book...

The Sixteen Geniuses - Sixteen Genetic Personality Types

  • Know Thyself — The Manual
  • What type am I?
  • What type is everyone else?
  • Strategies for identifying types
  • 16 kinds of relationships
  • High and low psychological traits and exercises for each type’s transformation

Balancing Types for Intimate Relationships - Finding the 'Right' Type

  • Relationships without fail
  • "I'd rather be with someone that doesn't need me to be someone else — my balancing type"
  • 8 balancing relationships
  • Common traits and differences

Recommended Reference Books for Personality Type Theory

Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery

by Don Riso

The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols

by Angeles Arrien


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